Midgets getting banged....what the fuck is this shit!!!! Not just getting banged, but sucking cock, taking it up the ass and swallowing jizz - that's just wrong! You just don't think they'd be up for it but these little fuckers can't get enough - just imagine those short fat fingers round your hard dick or that big ass bouncing up and down on your engourged cock. Welcome to Midgets With Attitude - 3 feet tall chicks with an insatiable appetite for cock.
This pair of horny halflings are the perfect match! They are both the same size! There's no awkward standing on boxes to suck cock! These little sluts just love it!
This older woman wanted to try something new! She put a call out to the MWA HQ and before she could say oompa loompa this little fucking midget turns up and gives this old slut the fucking of her life!
This dude is staying at a Motel without his wife, He snuk in one of the MWA in his suitcase! Out she jumps and straight to the cock! You gotta love these midgets!
This brunnette paperweight gets fucked seven ways from Sunday. Its hard to believe she's only half a person with all the effort she puts in!

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